Former MLB player charged with battery after being accused of abusing his wife

And this is not the first time that he's done it 

Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley | AP

The ex-MLB player Milton Bradley has been charged with battery after allegedly abused his wife, according to TMZ.


It seems like the incident happened back in January this year, as the Los Angeles Police arrived at Bradley's house after his wife called them up. The former player fled the scene and the player's wife told the officers that he was 'roughed up' by Bradley after an argument, as TMZ reports.

The Los Angeles city attorney formally charged Milton Bradley with battery, and if the ex-player is found guilty, he can face up to a year in jail and an economic fine.


This is not the first time that Bradley is involved in a case of domestic violence, as he previously served 15 months in jail after assaulting his previous wife in 2013.