Indians' pitcher claims that MLB is trying to censor him

What is happening here?

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer | AP

Cleveland Indians' pitcher Trevor Bauer is a very active Twitter user, as he posts with regularity. But he has been a little bit quiet in recent days; too quiet actually. You may say that he's focusing on being fit for the Regular Season and he has no time to tweet due to the Spring Training.


A fan noticed his "silence" and worried about it; he asked the reasons for why he has been so quiet during this time. Bauer's response was direct: He blamed the MLB for it.

It is known that the pitcher is a really outspoken person; he shares his political views and often engages on debates with fans on the social network, and it seemed like the commissioner's office didn't like it at all. 


The 27-year-old pitcher pledges to fellow MLB players to be more active on political matters, as he claims that players as public figures should be more involved in political matters.