Chris Davis goes from bad to worse in Spring Training

Orioles player Chris Davis seems to have lost his talent to play baseball

The fall of the Baltimore Orioles in recent years seems to have a beginning with the signing of a player and that is Chris Davis, as the left-handed hitter has become one of the worst contracts in the major leagues.

In 2016, Davis signed a 7-year contract for 161 million dollars and since then his numbers have gone in free fall.

That year Davis batted .221 and struck a total of 219 times and things got worse in 2017 when he had a .215 average.

Last season it looked like the last straw, as the left-hander hit the impressive .168 average and, although you can believe it, things seem to be going from bad to worse for Davis.

At Spring Training, the Orioles seem to be thinking of sending Davis to the batter's box, because every time he takes a turn, something negative is more possible than something positive.

After six games in which Davis has been active, the southpaw has struck out a total of 8 times in just 13 turns and has only one hit in the Grapefruit League.

That means Davis is hitting .076 and is striking a .615 average so far in Spring Training.

The most painful thing for Orioles is that they will pay a total of 17 million dollars this season to Davis and that will be the case until 2022.

Which means that Orioles will pay $ 68 million to a player who is hitting less than .200 and seems to be losing his talent to play baseball or maybe his interest in playing the sport.