Cody Bellinger congratulates Pete Alonso for breaking his home run record

The Los Angeles Dodgers player congratulated the New York Mets player

Cody Bellinger and Pete Alonso

Cody Bellinger and Pete Alonso | Getty Images-AFP-AP

Home run rivals in the National League, Cody Bellinger and Pete Alonso, shouted at Twitter, but don't panic, everything went well. It turns out and highlights that the Los Angeles Dodgers left-handed cannonball congratulated the right-back homer of the New York Mets, this for having rotated the mark of more home runs for a rookie in a season within the so-called 'Old Circuit'.

The record lasted for Bellinger only two years, since he implanted it in 2017 with the same Dodgers with 39 for the street; Now there is a new king, who will surely extend it to see who is the brave one who breaks it next season or in the years to come. Alonso hit his home run 40 last Sunday at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas Vity, against the Royals.

For now, it will be a very difficult brand to break. Alonso already put the challenge very complicated.

'Congratulations @ Pete_Alonso20 for breaking the National League rookie HR record. you're a beast, 'Cody told Pete in that tweet. 'Thanks mane !!! Keep doing it this year, 'Pete replied to Cody in another tweet. Now in the season, both players maintain a close fight for the leadership of macanazos: Bellinger has 42 and Alonso 40; Among them is Mike Trout with 41.