DJ Lemahieu is one of the three favorites to win the MVP

The infielder of the New York Yankees is sporting offensive and defensive

DJ LeMahieu goes through a great moment with the Yankees.

DJ LeMahieu goes through a great moment with the Yankees. | AP

When the New York Yankees signed D.J. Lemahieu nobody expected the value that this firm would have.

The former Colorado Rockies came to the organization of the "Bronx" receiving the back of much of the fans who hoped that the new name on the team was that of Manny Machado or in his case Bryce Harper.

However, LeMahieu has shown this campaign that he has nothing to ask from the aforementioned stars and what, at present, is in a better shape than them, especially because of the importance it is having.

Currently the infielder has demonstrated his great versatility in the infield, in addition, if everything goes as we hope it would be one of the favorites to win the MVP of the American League.

Jon Morosi responds to this "theory" if it can be said in this way, for the expert easily Lemahueu is placed among the five favorites to take the best honors at the end of the season. He even dared to say that if the calculations do not fail the talented batter, he is among the top 3 favorites.

LeMahieu has become the Yankees insurance policy because of its versatility, it can practically play for all the infield, but, without a doubt, its moment with the bat catapults it to be the most dangerous weapon of the New York team.

The 3-time All-Star Game records a .335 batting average with 18 home runs and 77 RBIs in 102 games.