Dodgers ends experiment with one of its players

The left-handed slugger Joc Pederson will no longer play first base with the Los Angeles Dodgers and will only cover the gardens

Joc Pederson will no longer play at first base although he has fought powerfully in the initial defense.

The experiment "Joc Pederson, first base" is over. For now. According to Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, Joc Pederson will once again be a full-time gardener with Cody Bellinger moving full-time to first base.

It was rumored that the Dodgers wanted Bellinger to receive a well-deserved Golden Glove in the right field, but the team's performance far exceeds individual praise.

Joc Pederson's defense at first base in his short time was mediocre, to say the least. He posted a terrible -3 saved defensive races and made 6 mistakes in just 20 games.

This was always something that should have been an off-season experiment, not one that took place in mid-summer.

Pederson continues to crush the ball and will probably take on the platoon job in the left field with Alex Verdugo playing full time in the right field and A.J. Pollock in the center.

Bellinger has been fantastic in recent years with his first-base defense, recording positive defensive races that saved the marks in the 3 seasons of his major league career. With Belli, however, comes the concern for the health of his right shoulder in gliding attempts. He already dislocated it a little earlier this season, but he is by far the best first base defender on this team, and he needs to resume his duties as a 1B caliber gold glove.

It's over, folks. Defense is now as it should be.

 Daniel Preciado/Dodgers Nation