Dodgers pitcher Jaime Schultz suffers terrible punch in the face

The right-handed pitcher surely passed the scare of his life in Minor Leagues; fortunately it only remained in that

Jamie Schultz

Jamie Schultz | Getty Images-AFP

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jaime Schultz was hit hard in the face by a powerful line in a terrifying minor league incident.

This could have been very, very bad. In a game between the Nashville Sounds and Oklahoma City, Dodgers pitcher Jaime Schultz was drilled with a return line to the mound of Cuban bat Andy Ibáñez, 26. Understandably, Schultz has shaken and staggered, but fortunately he was able to leave the field under his own power and took a standing ovation from the respectable, who stood up and applauded.

For his part, Ibáñez was in a state of shock and even his first base coach as soon as he saw the impact on Jaime ran to help him; Immediately, Ibáñez followed him and the coach said: calm, Schultz is fine. Schultz, 28, has been coming and going from Los Angeles and Oklahoma City this season, appearing in five games this year for the Major League club with a 7.20 ERA. Clearly seen as a depth option, Schultz was expected to be stored in the Minors until Los Angeles needed it, which could happen as soon as the lists expand in September to 40 players per squad.

However, after this latest incident, you would expect the Dodgers to be cautious with Schultz and take their precautions.