Dodgers trade with Red Sox is getting worse, David Price opts out of 2020 season

On Saturday afternoon, the new Dodgers element surprised everyone after declining to participate in the 2020 season.

What a surprise David Price gave us on Saturday afternoon after announcing through his Twitter account that he would not participate in or be part of the Dodgers' team during the 2020 MLB season.

Price, whose pitcher earlier this year was one of the elements who were transferred from the Red Sox to the Dodgers with his teammate Mookie Betts, had planned a guaranteed place in the Blue and Whites' starting rotation, however, after consulting his family, decided to step aside after the risk that it could be playing in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

After discussing it with my family, I have decided that it is best not to play this season, my health and that of my relatives is the most important thing.


Remember that after his short stay with the West Coast, David Price quickly won the hearts of both his teammates and fans as he voluntarily took charge of helping each Dodgers Minor League player financially. with US $ 1,000 weekly throughout the month of June.

It is worth mentioning that if the left-hander had chosen to play this year he would have won around US $ 11.8 million for the 60 games in the regular role.

I am very sorry, I will not play this year for you but I hope to represent you next year. Stay safe, be nice. Come on Dodgers! With love, David Price.

Those were the words with which Price culminated a statement addressed to the press, teammates, coaches and fans.