Gary Sánchez breaks personal brand and continues to make history with the Yankees

The receiver of the New York Yankees continues to make history in the Yankee organization

Gary Sánchez broke his own personal brand with Yankees.

Gary Sánchez broke his own personal brand with Yankees. | AP

Gary Sánchez is already a historical record of the New York Yankees and what he needs.

At his young age of 26 years and five years of experience in the majors, the Dominican receiver has been responsible for taking all the reflectors. Even with his casualties and defensive problems that have characterized him, he has been able to move forward by demonstrating that he is a trusted catcher for Aaron Boone being supported by his great offensive power.

The "Kraken" as it is known has been responsible for breaking historical marks in the organization, as well as its own records. So far Sanchez broke the personal mark he imposed in 2017 when he passed the 30 homers of Jorge Posada, ending with a total of 33 home runs.

This 2019, the Yankees star and twice the All-Star game broke its own record by connecting its home run number 34 with the possibility of continuing to make more history in the coming weeks.

Sanchez is placed on top among the Yankees historical receivers, above the Posada and Yogi Berra.