Here are all the players that are changing teams in Rule 5 Draft

Victor Reyes was the first pick in the Draft and is headed to the Tigers

Victor Reyes.

Victor Reyes. | MLB

On Thursday the Rule 5 Draft was held at the Winter Meetings, closing out the event and a total of 15 prospects now are a part of new MLB organizations.

Here is every player that was selected and where they are going:

Major League Phase

Round 1

1. Tigers: OF Victor Reyes (D-backs)

2. Giants: RHP Julian Fernandez (Rockies)

3. Phillies: RHP Nick Burdi (Twins) -- traded to Pirates

4. White Sox: OF Carlos Tocci  (Phillies) -- traded to Rangers

5. Reds: RHP Brad Keller (D-backs) -- traded to Royals

6. Mets: RHP Burch Smith (Rays) -- traded to Royals

7. Braves: RHP Anyelo Gomez (Yankees)

8. Pirates: RHP Jordan Milbrath (Indians)

9. Orioles: LHP Nestor Cortes (Yankees)

10. Marlins: RHP Elieser Hernandez (Astros)

11. Mariners: IF Mike Ford (Yankees)

12. Angels: RHP Luke Bard (Twins)

13. Twins: RHP Tyler Kinley (Marlins)

14. D-backs: RHP Albert Suarez (Giants)

15: Astros: LHP/OF Anthony Gose (Rangers)

Round 2  

16. Orioles: RHP Pedro Araujo (Cubs)

17. Marlins: RHP Brett Graves (A's)

Round 3

18. Orioles: RHP Jose Mesa (Yankees)  

The Venezuelan Victor Reyes is definitely one of the most exciting players on this list. In 2017, he hit for .292 with 29 doubles and 51 RBIs in 126 games in Double A for the Diamondbacks.

He now goes to the Tigers who will most likely give him a chance in the Big Leagues very soon.

Triple-A Phase

Round 1

1. Giants: RHP Eduardo Rivera (Reds)

2. White Sox: C Yermin Mercedes (Orioles)

3. Reds: 3B Mitch Nay (Blue Jays)

4. Mets: 2B Andrew Ely (Cubs)

5. Padres: LHP Jose Medina (Mets)

6. Braves: 1B Skyler Ewing (Giants)

7. A's: Brallan Perez (Orioles)

8. Pirates: RHP Damien Magnifico (Angels)

9. Orioles: C Martin Cervenka (Giants)

10. Blue Jays: RHP Andrew Muren (Giants)

11. Marlins: C B.J. Lopez (D-backs)

12. Mariners: C Joe Odom (Braves)

13. Rangers: LHP Locke St. John (Tigers)

14. Rays: RHP Francisco German (Tigers)

15. Angels: SS Riley Unroe (Rays)

16. Royals: RHP Daniel Duarte (Rangers)

17. Cardinals: OF Angel Moreno (Rays)

18. Twins: RHP Yancarlos Baez (Yankees)

19. Rockies: LHP Mitch Horacek (Orioles)

20. Yankees: OF Junior Soto  (Indians)

21. D-backs: CF Jay Gonzalez (Orioles)

22. Red Sox: RHP Andrew Ferguson (Royals)

23. Nationals: 2B Jacob Wilson (Cardinals)

24. Astros: LHP Chris Nunn (Cubs)

25. Indians: LHP Robert Orlan (Nationals)

26. Dodgers: SS Angelo Mora (Orioles)

Round 2

27. Giants: SS Wander Franco (Royals)

28. Braves: SS Tyler Smith (Rangers)

29. A's: LHP Carlos Diaz (Marlins)

30. Pirates: C Rafelin Lorenzo (Rays)

31. Blue Jays: C Alberto Mineo  (Cubs)

32. Marlins: C Sharif Othman (Yankees)

33. Mariners: C Tyler Baker (D-backs)

34. Angels: RHP Matt Ball (Rangers)

35. Cardinals: OF Jean Selmo (D-backs)

36. Twins: RHP Sandy Lugo (Reds)

37. D-backs: LHP Lane Ratliff (Mariners)

38. Red Sox: CF Luke Tendler (Rangers)

39. Nationals: RHP Kaleb Fleck (D-backs) 

Round 3

40. A's: RHP Jaimito Lebron (Padres)

41. Blue Jays: SS Ivan Castillo (Indians)

42. Marlins: 1B Will Allen (Tigers) 

Round 4

43. Marlins: RHP Brandon Barker (Orioles)