Is it time to cancel the MLB season because of COVID-19?

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has a lot to think about the serious problem teams are experiencing due to the coronavirus

At the moment there are three teams in MLB that have reported positive cases of Covid-19, with the Marlins being the most affected, since to date there are 18 players and two coaches infected with the virus.

Fortunately for the Phillies, none of their players tested positive for coronavirus, however, one of the coaches, as well as a clubhouse assistant, did, therefore, like the Marlins, their respective endgame games. weeks were suspended.

For his bad luck, another team that was not saved from the virus was the St. Louis Cardinals, who according to MLB Network columnist Jon Heyman, currently add two cases (both pitchers), however, they could add more infected elements since they are still undergoing tests in the city of Milwaukee, because today they had to start the inaugural series at the Brewers' house.

What everyone is wondering is: Is it time for MLB to ponder canceling the 2020 season because of Covid-19?

In total there are six clubs that will not be able to play this weekend due to the virus (Marlins, Nationals, Cardinals, Brewers, Phillies and Blue Jays), but the most worrying thing is that during this week 30 games have been canceled, and as everything seems to indicate, the figure could increase in the coming days.

Despite the fact that MLB and MLBPA agreed that as of August 1 the double charts will be played to seven innings, this measure does not seem to be the ideal solution right now to recover the duels that have been postponed, since the margin of free days of here to September 27, (date scheduled to end the regular role), they are very few.

We will see what Rob Manfred decides regarding this serious problem, since one of the important points to consider is that the commissioner can stop the season when he considers it risky. It should be noted that before the tournament started, MLB and the Players Union knew that the first two weeks would actually be the test of the game as the teams would be traveling for the first time after Spring Training.