Jonathan Lucroy is knocked out after dramatic collision at home plate

A very dramatic impact left the catcher knocked out

Since the once young MLB prospect, Buster Posey, was hit at home in a quite dramatic collision in 2011 that caused a fractured fibula, ligament rupture and the end of his season, MLB established the now called "The Posey Rule ", where the catcher must have total possession of the ball and be blocking the home plate completely to consider a collision legal, to avoid serious injuries like Posey's.

However, the impacts continue to happen, and in Sunday's game between the Los Angeles Angels and the Houston Astros, Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy layed on the floor after a brutal collision at the plate against Jake Marisnick..

How the collision did not meet the criteria mentioned above, since Lucroy did not have full possession of the ball and was not fully profiled in the home plate, the umpire did not consider the race to be a good one. In the slow-motion replay, it can be seen that Marisnick's shoulder hit everything in Lucroy's chin, leaving him completely in K.O.

The catcher was immediately taken out of the game and taken to the nearest hospital to monitor his health. The Angels have confirmed that he fractured his nose and may have a possible brain contusion.