Ken Griffey Jr: I learned more about hitting in 6 weeks than in my entire life

He had to get to play MLB with his dad to learn all the hitting secrets

There is no doubt that Ken Griffey Jr. is one of the most celebrated, adored and beloved players in the history of the Major Leagues, marking an era in the sport for his charisma and of course, for being one of the best players who has set foot on a field of play.

Since he was a MLB prospect, The Kid was already aiming for big things and despite having lived with a major league player how his father was, the truth is that he did not learn much from him ... Until they played together in the Sailors, according to Griffey himself commented to Showtime's ALL THE SMOKE podcast:

My dad hit .377 in the six weeks he was with us in 1990, he led our team on average. I always laughed because he hit second and I third, they shot the straight line, they threw me the curve. When the curve was thrown at him, the line was thrown at me, they never threw us the same way. I learned a lot about hitting because I looked like him. I saw everything he did and I said 'for 17 years I lived in your house I learned more in 6 weeks hitting after you'.

Without a doubt the duo father and son of the Griffeys is one of the most legendary in all history, and more because they were able to play together on the same team.