Kris Bryant is a huge Joey Votto fan, "he's the best player ever"

The MVP talks about how he wants to imitate the Reds player

Kris Bryant.

Kris Bryant. | AP

Kris Bryant is the reigning NL MVP, one of the best players in baseball, but he's still a big fan of one of his rivals in the Big Leagues.

Despite being NL Central rivals, Bryant is a Joey Votto fanatic and it doesn't stop there.

"He's the best player ever. He's my favorite player. I love watching him. I love talking to him, just picking his brain. He's a future Hall of Famer, that's for sure."
Bryant according to Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago.

Votto has been one of the most consistent players in MLB over the past years, but has been flying under the radar for a while now. Recently he had received a little extra coverage due to his amazing hitting streak of 20 games reaching base at least twice.

The left handed sluggers' has done it with great patience at the plate and was only one game away from breaking Ted Williams all-time record, a streak that was broken by the Cubs when he only reached on ly one time.

Bryant is trying to take a page out of Votto's playbook, going from a .386 on base percentage to .404.

"My first year, I was kind of just up there swinging at everything. But I think there's ways to have a better approach up there. I feel like (Votto's) aggressive, but he's not going to swing at a pitch until he wants it. And he mentioned that to me, too, when I got to first (on Monday night). He said: 'Your approach looks a lot better this year.'

"He gets a lot of (heat) about his walks and working at-bats and some people want him to swing at more pitches. But, gosh, I mean, he does an unbelievable job. You know that he's going to give you a great at-bat every time he goes up there. It's definitely a guy that I look up to and I can learn from."