MLB: 2020 season in serious danger, owners and players apart

Will the 2020 season be cancelled?

The 2020 Major League Baseball season is in real danger, as nothing positive is ever received from the trenches of negotiations between the Union and team owners, along with Commissioner Rob Manfred. The main impediment is money and salary cuts that the owners propose, in the face of opposition from the players.

But how far are we from an agreement? Apparently very far, since according to information from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, after almost a week since the first negotiation via video call made by the Union and the owners, the distrust between both parties grows more and more with each day that pass.

Apparently, the owners and the commissioner were very aggressive with their initial proposal to undo the agreement they had signed with the MLBPA in early March and seek to boost the system of profits distributed by 50/50, which would further cut the player salaries, was a resounding no from the first moment for the Union and the players.

According to Rosenthal's report, the negotiations have not advanced much from that point, since for the MLBPA, the league has not shown conclusively that its finances are in extreme risk and that it is absolutely necessary that the players agree to another salary cut. so that it can function properly in a situation where there will be no income from sold tickets and other money that enters through the fans in the stadiums.

Negotiations continue and how things are going, that the season is played is still very far away at the moment.