MLB: Aaron Judge ties A-Rod's all-time record with Yankees

Aaron Judge is ON this MLB season start with the Yankees

Slugger Aaron Judge's start to the season is everything we had hoped for after months of "hype" anticipating the performance of the New York Yankees hitter, who did not see his best version in 2019 due to injuries. This 2020 and with how short the season will be, it has not disappointed us at all.

Judge has undoubtedly been one of the best (or if not the best) MLB player at this start of the season, since he has a .310 average, 7 homers, 17 RBIs, a 1.227 OPS and has not struck out as much, with just 13 chocolates in 47 plate appearances. And with these numbers, he has tied a historic record for the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge became only the second Yankee in franchise history to hit 7 home runs in his first 10 games of the season, tying Alex Rodriguez's record in 2007, the year he won his third Most Valuable Player award.


Additionally, Judge is the first in MLB history to have 7 home runs and 17 or more RBIs in his first 10 games of the season. Sign that the Judge is going for the MVP crown?