MLB threatens to suspend players who violate 'New Protocols' for entire season

The commissioner's office sent the 30 teams a list of security "New Protocols" to follow in the remainder of the tournament.

Two weeks after the “playball” was sung at Nationals Park on Opening Day between Yankees and Nationals, to date 33 positive cases of players infected with coronavirus have been reported. That figure focused on just two of the 30 participating teams: Marlins and Cardinals.

Rumors suggest that various elements of both clubs violated health and safety protocols. Some members of the Miami Marlins are said to have partied, while several of the "Red Birds" irresponsibly attended a casino.

For this reason, MLB decided to take action on the matter and in order not to suffer the same problem again, it has sent a memorandum to all organizations with a new list of protocols in which it made it clear that whoever acts will be severely punished recklessly.

Anyone, be it players or club staff, who has repeatedly or flagrantly violated protocols, including refusing to cover their face when necessary and being reminded to do so, runs the risk of being banned from participating in the match. 2020 season and postseason.

This is what is mentioned in a copy of the memorandum sent by the commissioner's office to each of the 30 franchises registered in MLB, obtained by the USA TODAY newspaper.

A continuación la lista de "Nuevos Protocolos" impuestos por MLB:

  • Players and staff wear face masks at all times, including the dugout and the clubhouse, with the exception of players on the field. This includes all coaches on the field and all members of the umprire team. They should also wear masks at all times in the hotel and in public places.
  • Clubs are now required to reduce the size of their travel groups and staff that is absolutely essential to play. Compliance officers must certify that each member of the traveling party performed an essential role on the road trip.
  • Staff and players are strictly prohibited from meeting in hotel rooms while traveling (including to share food), and may not meet in public areas of the hotel without permission from the team compliance officer. While eating and drinking, people are discouraged from talking to each other, or even confronting each other.
  • On road trips, clubs are required to provide a minimum of four buses, with a completely unoccupied row between players and staff members, while prohibiting side-by-side seating. On airplanes, players and staff members are prohibited from having more than two people in a row, and they cannot sit across from each other. It is also prohibited for anyone to leave their seats except to use the bathroom. Players and staff members must also wear surgical masks or N95 / KN95 respirators on the plane.
  • Eating and drinking are still allowed on airplanes, but players and staff are prohibited from talking to each other at the same time.
  • Any player or staff member must notify their compliance officer if they intend to leave the hotel while visiting another city. The officer will decide if your planned trip outside the hotel complies with the club's manual and code of conduct.
  • All clubs must now provide covered outdoor spaces for all visiting players and staff members to sit. Whenever possible, players are also encouraged to eat outside instead of the clubhouse.
  • While at home, players and staff members are strictly prohibited from visiting bars, lounges, shopping centers, or places where large groups gather.
  • Players and staff members who have been ordered to quarantine or isolate themselves (as a visitor) may not leave their hotel rooms under any circumstances. Any club officer who does not receive permission from the commissioner's office to end his quarantine or isolation is subject to disciplinary action.