MLB would have paid to push a false version of the attack on David Ortíz

There is evidence of a conflict of interest between senior police officers and MLB


MLB would have paid to push a false version of the attack on David Ortíz.

MLB would have paid to push a false version of the attack on David Ortíz. | AP

After two months after the shooting that almost cost him his life, David Ortíz seems to be leading his life normally again after recovering from the shot and several surgeries. However, the matter is far from being resolved, as new information about the mobile of the shooting and an alleged "cover-up" by MLB has emerged.

According to a special report by Bob Hohnler and Aimee Ortiz of The Boston Globe, MLB would have paid the Dominican authorities to boost the version that the shooters confused the Big Daddy with another person and that's why they shot him, being the official version given by the RD prosecutor.

According to newspaper reports, MLB has been on the payroll for more than 10 years the colonel of the National Police of the Dominican Republic, Frank Felix Durán Mejía, who was the person who gave the version that the shooters were going for someone else and not by David Ortíz at a press conference 18 days after the attack.

The newspaper revealed that MLB pays high command of the Dominican police to be their "eyes and ears" in the Caribbean country, and keep them aware of possible illegal activities that the players from Québec can perform in their home country, and thus take actions to wash your image and distance yourself from those players.

The fact that Durán Mejía is an active police officer while being paid by MLB in a case involving the two institutions, indicates a clear conflict of interest, where Major Leagues used his influence with the colonel to push a version Fake and take care of your image.

The first versions of the possible mobile of the attempt on the life of David Ortíz indicated that the former player had an affair with the wife of a dangerous bonnet, and when he found out he ordered the murder of the Big Daddy, having already a history of a car chase in which Ortíz.

In addition, several people have spoken out against the veracity of the official police report, including the Hall of Fame, Pedro Martínez, in addition to the alleged goal of the shooters and Ortíz's friend, Sixto David Fernández, who said no He knew that they wanted to kill him and claims to have no enemies.