MLBPA bans media from the free agents spring training camp

The union-runned sprin training camp will operate behind closed doors

The MLB Players Association banned all the media from attending to the free agent Spring Training, which will be operated by the Association in Brandenton, Florida. This according to a statement made by a spokeperson of the union made to the Associated Press on Monday night.


MLBPA's executive director, Tony Clark, refused to make further comments about the media ban. This is the first union-runned Spring Training camp since 1995, when there was a player's strike ongoing during that time. During that camp, media was allowed.


Now, with a slow off-season market and the rising tensions between the Association and the MLB, unsigned players will have the opportunity to stay fit and showcase themselves in the wake of the upcoming season.

With the camp officially opens on Thursday, it is unknown how many of them will be attending to it, with Scott Boras saying that the players that he represents, will not be attending to the free agent camp.