New York Mets show interest in Joe Panik

The New York Mets seek the replacement of Robinson Cano

Joe Panik sounds to get to the New York Mets.

Joe Panik sounds to get to the New York Mets. | AP

After the San Francisco Giants appointed Joe Panik for assignment, different industry media point out that he would already have suitors. According to the latest media reports from the industry, the New York Mets would be interested in second base services.

This supposed interest on the part of the Queens team could be due to the injury of Robinson Canó who would be destined to miss several weeks of the season.

So far it is not official, but the truth is that the All-Star would fit well in the ninth of the Mets.

The 28-year-old Panik spent six years in the San Francisco Giants organization where he received a call to the All-Star Game, a Golden Glove and a World Series.