Season saved? Manfred and Clark held a 'productive' meeting towards MLB

It is the first step for an agreement between MLB and MLBPA to finally be able to play a season this 2020

After several days of unchallenged tensions in recent league history between MLB team owners, the commissioner, and the players represented by the MLBPA, it all seemed like we might not have a major league season this 2020. But maybe we all talked very soon, since this "Cold War" between owners and players may be entering its thaw stage.

According to information from Jon Heyman of the MLB Network, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred, along with union president Tony Clark, have reportedly had an in-person meeting in Arizona to iron out rough edges between the two sides. According to Heyman, the meeting would have been called at Manfred's request.

The truth is that although there are still many issues to resolve between both parties, this is a great step to finally have a 2020 season that satisfies both the owners and the players, who after several unsuccessful proposals that were made in recent weeks The players were the ones who ended the negotiations through the MLBA.

Time is running out for MLB and this is certainly good news.