The Cardinals agree to a contract extension with Matt Carpenter

The Cards ensure the future of one of its greatest stars

The St. Louis Cardinals showed in the offseason that their bid to win their division and go to the playoffs was serious after putting together a trade for perhaps the most underrated player in all major leagues, Paul Goldschmidt. Now, they have shown that once again by giving a contract extension to another of their stellar players.

This is his MVP candidate last season, Matt Carpenter, who according to information from Mark Saxon of The Ahtletic, the Cards have extended for two years the contract of his slugger, which expired for this 2019, with an option of San Luis for the next season.

In this new agreement, Carpenter will have a salary of 39 million dollars for the next season, with another option for 2022 of 18 and a half million dollars.

Carpenter was ninth in the MVP voting last season after an impressive second half of the season. He finished 2018 with a .257 average, 36 homers and 81 RBIs.