The Yankees medical body has been consummated as the worst of all MLB

The Yankees need to do a clean in their medical staff

The Yankees medical body has been consummated as the worst of all MLB

The Yankees medical body has been consummated as the worst of all MLB | AP

If there is a constant in the 2019 season of the New York Yankees they are the injuries, and it will be something for which they will be remembered for a very long time, since those of the Bronx have broken the record of more players in the list of injured in a season , with 29 different players on that list for a combined total of 37 trips to the freezer.

This is an unprecedented case in the history of the majors, and much could be attributed to the medical staff and physical trainers of the team, who in very specific cases, have shown their deficiencies and ineptitude, far from the level expected for a of the most historic and demanding MLB franchises.

One of those cases goes back to the 2018 season, when the Yankees made the change for J.A. Happ with the Toronto Tiles; on that occasion, the Bronx sent Brandon Drury to Canada, informing the Blue Jays that Drury had a bone bruise in his hand, which at the completion of the change, Toronto doctors made their own medical check-up.

The Blue Jays' doctors found that Drury did not have said bone hematoma, but in fact had a fracture, which was passed by the Yankees doctors.

Another case already this season was the situation of Dellin Betances, who had problems in Spring Training to get ready for the 2019 season. Opening Day passed and the Yankees were still waiting for Betances, who could not overcome their problems in the throwing arm.

At the end of April, the Yankees informed the reliever that their usual problems were due to the fact that Betances had developed a bone spur on his shoulder, which they had detected when he was drafted in 2006 and had not communicated it to the Dominican until that moment, and what has been the cause of his problems in that part of the body.

The case of the injury of Luis Severino, who has not debuted this 2019, who in Spring Training also suffered discomfort in his throwing arm, which was diagnosed as an inflammation in the shoulder, which would delay him from launching at most until May.

That inflammation was misdiagnosed and badly treated by the Yankees' medical services, since it became a second degree tug, which has been getting worse until it allowed Severino to make his debut towards the end of this season.

The last case, and perhaps the drop that spilled the glass is the case of Mike Tauchman, who has had to play in the gardens because of the multiple injuries of the Yankees in that position. Tauchman had felt a tug in the first of the last series against the Red Sox.

The doctors gave the green light to continue playing, however, the injury worsened and became a second degree calf jerk, which probably ended Tauchman's season.