The season is over for Chris Sale of Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox suffered a severe blow in their rotation

Chris Sale could see his season finished.

Chris Sale could see his season finished. | Getty Images | AFP

After the doctors who diagnosed Chris Sale's injury said that the left-hander will not need, immediately, new questions appeared in the industry media and probably in the core of the Boston Red Sox.

Is the season over for Sale?

Absolutely nothing is known yet, the truth is that the injury in the elbow suffered by the ace of Boston, could cause you not to climb the mound once again this 2019 season.

Industry media confirm that Sale received a plasma injection and that will keep him out of activity for at least six weeks. In the same way they confirm that the left-hander will be reevaluated in the following weeks.

Now the question is, will you be ready for the postseason? With the loss of Sale the Red Sox who seek to defend their crown, suffer a hard blow in their rotation.