The tie does not always go to the runner, the truth on MLB video replay

ESPN takes us in to the room that makes all video calls

In the big leagues, one of the most criticized issues and that can even break the heart of a team's fans, as they can decide a game with their decisions and is the team in charge of the repetitions of video in the MLB.

Thanks to and MLB, what happens within the room where these decisions are made has been made known and made known some of the details.

One of the most striking is how they decide whether a runner is safe or out, specifically when the ball and the runner arrive at the same time.

The rule known by the world of baseball is that when there is a tie in a play, it goes to the runner and so it is safe.

But, according to the article when it comes to replay this is not the case:

First, yes, there are ties. But instead of automatically going to the runner, the call simply reverts back to whatever the call on the field was. Ties will elicit a "call stands" notation.

So every time you yelled at the television that it was a draw and it must be safe, you were wrong and you will never see it marked as such.

Another point that clarified the article are the plays at first base or forced outs, as they clarify that the ball does not have to be completely in the glove.

One thing fans might not know, especially on close plays at first base, is that the ball is considered in the fielder's glove as soon as it touches any part of the leather -- it doesn't have to be in the pocket with the glove closed. So if the replay shows the ball touching leather before the runner touches the bag, and before the ball is actually caught, then the runner is out. Of course, the catch has to be completed.

Well now we know and we are clear when it is safe or out.