There's light, MLB owners agree to pay salary per game at 100%

An agreement is possible, there could be a season in 2020

Apparently there has been a thaw in the negotiations of the owners of MLB and the Players Union after several weeks with enough tensions between both parties after the owners' original proposal that reduced the salaries of some players by up to 80% and that the players felt aggrieved by it.

The players themselves through the MLBPA submitted their own MLB proposal which was under review and according to information from ESPN's Jeff Passan, the owners would already have a response to that offer and apparently agree to abide by the original agreement that it had been signed last March which ensures that players pay 100% of what is played.

However, there is a but: Passan himself reports that the players' proposal to have more than 100 regular season games has been rejected by the owners and instead they propose a role of around 50 matches so as not to pay so much in wages to Players.

While there is still a long way to go to reach full agreement to launch, it is a tremendous advance and a great victory for the players, and is expected in the event that a formal deal is reached.