This was Luis Severino's first punch during the rehabilitation

The Yankees' right registered their first rehabilitation exit

Luis Severino records his first rehabilitation outing.

Luis Severino records his first rehabilitation outing. | AP

That Luis Severino is already launching in rehabilitation games is news that falls big in the organization of the New York Yankees, especially because of the high aspirations of this campaign.

However it is very true that if Severino returns to the team during the month of September or postseason, his role will not be the same, yet it is a huge improvement for the Yankees on the hill.

For this, the Dominican is already in his first tests and what better than striking out hitters as he is doing on Sunday in the minors.

Here the video:

Severino faced Anthony Alford who was marked as his first victim. The ace of the Yankees needed five excellent speed pitches (94, 94, 95, 95, 96).

Yankees law has not launched in MLB since last season, due to different shoulder problems that affected its shape.