Why did Alex Cora protest the game against Rays?

The Red Sox manager decided to make a formal protest to the decision of the ampayers

During the third meeting of the series between Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays there was a rather curious moment, because for almost 30 minutes the meeting was stopped due to a change made by the local team and with which he was not Alex Cora agreed, then end up protesting.

It all started when after getting an outs, Adam Kolarek was sent from the hill to first base to give his place of pitcher to Chaz Roe. This was done by Rays manager Kevin Cash so that when facing Rafael Devers he did it with left-handed Kolarek. After Roe will withdraw Mookie Betts, Kolarek returned to the back of the shots and pulled Devers for the third out.

During the break between entrances, Cora jumped into the field to talk to the ampayers and apparently try to clarify the situation. That led to a conversation of almost half an hour.

It was immediately thought that Cora testified due to the places the pitchers took in the lineup, Kolarek and Roe, something that was confirmed after the game.

Kolarek had to take third place in the lineup, which he did and was replaced by Willy Adames as an emerging hitter, while Roe was replaced during the episode by Nate Lowe at first base and took ninth place in the lineup, Ji's place -Man Choi upon entering by catcher Mike Zunino and who was removed when Roe entered.

Sounds confusing right?

Even the page was wrong to make the changes.

That could lead to confusion and Cora's protest could be due to that, something that ampayers led by Ángel Hernández did not adequately explain.

At the end of the meeting, Alex Cora spoke with the media and the phrase he repeated most was the following:

"It was all a mess."

Now we just have to wait for what decision MLB makes about the protest, but it is most likely that it will lead to nothing and the Red Sox lose the game on a 3-2 board against Rays.