Will Rick Porcello continue with the Red Sox or not?

The right-hander ends his contract this season with the Boston Red Sox

Rick Porcello

Rick Porcello | Getty Images-AFP

The pitcher Rick Porcello already has five seasons with the Boston Red Sox and if the year 2020 continues with them he will tie the total of those he pitched with the Detroit Tigers.

Already with 11 seasons of experience in the MLB and next to meet in December 31 years of age, Porcello (born in 1988) will see his contract with the Red Sox expired and the question comes: will he still wear the Roji-Blanco uniform?

Although it has already passed its three decades of life and the decade of service in the majors, the right-handed Porcello is a very durable and healthy eater innings, of those who can throw you 200 entries in the campaign.

In addition there is a very curious fact: since he was involved with the Red Sox in 2015, Rick has a bad season and then a good one, he has not been able to link two bad or good seasons and this 2019 has been between blue and good night regular , so if this trend continues, the 2020 campaign could be good, just as it was in 2016 and 2018 with numbers of 22-4 and 3-15 (Cy Young) and 17-7 and 4.28, in that order

In 2015 and 2017 it was a disaster: 9-15 and 4.92 and then 11-17 and 4.65. This year it goes with 12-10, but a PCLA of 5.42. Simply put, the 'even' number seasons are good for Porcello and the 'odd' seasons are bad, in the purest style of the San Francisco Giant multi champions.

Porcello played from 2009 to 2014 with the Detroit Tigers, but was traded to Boston on December 11, 2014 by Gabe Speier, Cuban Yoenis Cespedes and right-hander Alex Wilson.

Do not rule out that the 2020 season is the first Porcello in the National League or in the Western Division of the American League, taking into account that it was already in the Central and is in the East.

Porcello, who measures 1.96 meters and weighs 92 kilos, signed in 2016 a contract of 82.5 million dollars for four years, which expire in October.

So let's see if Dave Drombowski gives him another multi annual contract or if he releases it or changes it. Porcello despite his seasons of contrasts with Boston has lifelong numbers of 147-116 and ERA 4.34 over 338 games. With Detroit he had four winning campaigns and what do they think? He also had the tendency of a good and a bad season, until he linked winning years in 2013 and 2014.

For now, this season, Porcello and Eduardo Rodríguez keep Boston in the fight to enter play off via the Wild Card. And Nathan Eovaldi, David Price and Chris Sale have been injured.