This is what Aaron Boone said about Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez

He knows the quality of the team!

Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone | AP

With baseball most fierce and heated rivalry finally coming up for the first time this season, with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox facing each other this Thursday, we expect that both rookie managers; Aaron Boone and Alex Cora, have scout each other's team.


The Yankees skipper knows very well how much this game means for the fans, as he was a former player who featured on the New York's side of the rivalry. But this time, he has the wheel and knows that he has to be very careful with the Red Sox, even though the Yankees were the team that has all the spotlight, as he spoke with ESPN about this.


He recognizes that Boston has quality in the outfield, as he is especially impressed with Mookie Betts:

They're really good athletes. Mookie in right, especially in their building, with all the ground he's got to cover out there, that's special. Jackie can really go get it in center field. [Andrew] Benintendi is one of the young stars in the game


Also, Boone says that they will have to be careful with the newest kid on Fenway Park, J.D. Martinez, and also with Hanley Ramírez, who are the core of Boston's line-up:

He's already got a couple big hits for them. It's a very athletic team.Kind of different than the old-school Red Sox that will kind of bash you to death. This is a team that's really athletic on defense and on the bases