How Aaron Boone felt during the way back home after being blown out by the Red Sox

Clue: Not too good

Aaron Boone

Aaron Boone | AP

There's no doubt that Game 3 of the ALDS was a tough one for all the Yankees fans, players and coaches. After being humiliated by the archrivals Red Sox by 16-1 in your own stadium and in front of your own fans, manager Aaron Boone had a rough way back home.

According to Bryan Hoch of, Boone went back listening 80's music on the radio to try to clear his mind after the defeat. He didn't listen to talk radio because everybody was talking about the game, but he was aware of the stick he and his team were getting because people were texting him.

To sum it up, Boone said to Hoch that "It was a really shitty drive home".  But he looks forward to Game 4 as he said to Coley Harvey of ESPN that  "Today's too damn important to dwell on (the blowout)".