Aaron Judge sets up a new (negative) record

What happened to Judge? 

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge | AP

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of strikeouts and home runs per season; for a lot of baseball writers and fans, this would mean that batters are taking a different approach when they're at bat.

And for Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge being struck out it's nothing new for him, but in the doubleheader that New York played against the Detroit Tigers on Monday, surely set a new low for him and he imposed a new negative record.

Over the two games that Judge played on Monday, he went on a 0-9 run, with 8 of those outs being strikeouts. This "feat" will go down in history as the most by any player in a doubleheader ever recorded. Even Judge went down with the K on all of his five at-bats during the second game of the day.


Judge is well accustomed to strikeouts, as during his rookie season last year, he was struck out 30.7 percent of the times he was at bat.