Mark Teixeira blasts Aaron Judge for his trolling at Fenway after Game 2

The Red Sox took revenge for that 

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge | AFP | Getty Images

It looks like Aaron Judge's trolling after winning Game 2 by playing "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra at the Fenway fired up the Red Sox to thrash them at the Yankee Stadium and ultimately eliminate them, or at least this is the way that Mark Texeira sees it.

The former Yankee and World Series champion in 2009 with New York says that doing that was a huge mistake by Judge, as this could be seen as a turning point in the series where the Red Sox , as Teixeira told to the New York Post:

You woke a sleeping giant. Aaron Judge has no rings. And I have a ton of respect for Aaron Judge, I think he will have rings. But when you boast — when you wake a sleeping giant in Boston — on your way out back to Yankee Stadium and then get your butts kicked two games in a row, I just think that you might want to let your bat do the talking. Because Aaron Judge’s bat will talk.

After trolling Boston at the Fenway, the Red Sox took revenge by obliterating the Yankees in Game 3 by 16-1 and finishing the job in Game 4 by taking the ALDS and advancing to the ALCS to face the Houston Astros.