The Red Sox' player who asked to be traded

He is not happy at all 

Blake Swihart

Blake Swihart | AP

Blake Swihart is not happy at all with his current role at the Boston Red Sox and he is already looking for other options to continue his career far away from the Fenway Park.

Swihart had a good performance during Spring Training and rightfully earned a spot on the Opening Day Roster but at this very moment, he is very far away from having a chance into the opening line up on a regular basis.


In an interview with NBC's Evan Drellich, Swihart's agent Brodie Scoffield explained that the agency that represents the player asked Boston's organization to trade Swihart:

I don’t think we’re building any type of trade value, nor helping him progress as a ballplayer, nor is the team really being served by him in this role.


The Red Sox have kept Swihart in the Major League's roster because at the moment they don't have any available spot on their minor league's teams and for this reason, Swihart has only seen action in 24 innings as a defender and also just 32 at-bats so far.