Yankee vs Yankee: C.C. Sabathia fires back at Mark Texeira for criticizing Robinson Canó

What is going on here? 

CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia | AP

Just after the Dominican player Robinson Canó was suspended for 80 games for the Major Leagues after violating the league's drugs policy, a lot of voices started to talk about Canó's case: former and current players, journalists, fans and the media, in general, were in shock after hearing the news.

In recent days, former player and Yankee Mark Texeira spoke about his former teammate Robinson Canó, saying that he wasn't surprised at all that the Mariners' player tested positive on a drugs test, saying that he kind of saw it coming because of Canó's relation with Alex Rodríguez, Melky Cabrera, and Biogenesis.


However, veteran and long-time Yankee C.C. Sabathia fired back to Texeira and defended Robinson Canó from his former teammate statements, as the veteran pitcher told to CBS Radio on Thursday:

I don't want to get into what Tex said, but I'll put it like this: I'm not surprised he said that, coming from him.


And Texeira didn't waste any time to respond Sabathia's comments about him, and in The Michael Kay Show, Tex said:

That means that I'm very outspoken. I've had plenty of run-ins with teammates or with media standing up for things that maybe I believe in. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong. And my guess is CC knows that about me. I've played with him for eight years. He knows that I'll speak my mind. And whether you think I'm right or wrong, that's your prerogative