The surprising statement that Clayton Kershaw made regarding his career

A shocking statement 

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw | AP

The Dodgers' lefty Clayton Kershaw it is widely regarded as the game's best pitcher, as he has dominated the league since he first appeared in 2008; if he can keep up with this form, he surely will enter the Cooperstown's Hall of Fame, but Kershaw himself says that maybe is not too optimistic about something.


Kershaw just turned 30 and he already has 145 wins; at this stage of his career, some might say that he will be able to reach 300 career wins, but the lefty doesn't think it that way. The pitcher spoke with Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown about this, and doesn't look too convinced:

I don't think I'm gonna make that. I don't see that happening. That's a really hard thing," 


Kershaw knows that he will have to play at least ten more seasons, as the most recent members of the 300-wins-club like Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson, and Tom Glavine pitched 20 seasons or even more; and also the thrower knows that he will have to sort out a lot of things to reach the milestone:

Not only have I gotten to pitch for 10 years, but I've been on a lot of teams that win a lot of games, which is obviously is a huge part of it. his team has been in the playoffs however many years in a row now. We won a lot of games, so even to be fortunate as far as that goes, to be on great teams that might get you a few more wins if you weren't on a great team - and still not to be halfway yet, I think that puts it in perspective. It would be cool, but I'm not banking on that by any means."


Kershaw has been the definition of dominance on the mound and has been a powerhouse since his debut, he has a record of 145–67, winning three Cy Young Awards, an MVP and has been named to the All-Star Game seven times.