The player that wants Greg Bird's spot at the Yankees

The most unexpected player can come up to the rescue 

Aaron Boone ya eligió a su abridor

Aaron Boone ya eligió a su abridor | AP

Looks like the Yankees didn't have to worry about who's gonna step up and fill the first baseman spot that Greg Bird will leave, after being diagnosed with a foot injury, and he will surely going to miss the start of the season.


Aaron Boone will have to think about his options regarding this issue, but he will maybe is going to go with the less expected one, as he will probably is going to use Tyler Austin as the first baseman for the Opening Day.


Austin was cut off from the Major League roster and was expected to start the season with the Triple-A side of Scranton. According to Mike Mazzeo of the NY Daily News, Boone is expecting to use the 26-year-old meanwhile Bird is recovering, as his recovery time is still unknown.


Austin was left out of the team, as Bird was the first choice for the first baseman and Neil Walker as the backup. He hit 4 home runs during this Spring Training and was hoping to get a chance in the Major League roster.