J.D. Martinez says things will only get better for him and the Red Sox

Is he the signing of the season?

J.D. Martínez

J.D. Martínez | AP

J.D. Martinez' start to life in Boston has been nothing but amazing and outstanding: He has hit so far 15 homers (8 of them to the opposite side), his average stands at an amazing .343 with 41 runs batted in this season. He has been the deal of the season so far.


But according to Martinez himself and for the delight of all Red Sox fans out there, the best is yet to come for him and Boston, as he spoke with the Boston Herald about his amazing debut season at the Fenway Park:

“I mean, I hit one ball good, and that was probably the best ball I hit all year. Still feels like I missed a few pitches. Missed down on some pitches off today, later on in the game. Still have work to do.


With that being said, Martinez says that is very unlikely that he is having a streak like the one he had on his final month in Arizona when he hit 16 home runs and was averaging  .302:

I kind of blacked out right there. That last month in Arizona I felt locked in. That’s a tough one to compare. I don’t think I’ll ever have a month like that, like I had there. That was special