Kris Bryant turned down a huge money extension offer from the Cubs

Do the Cubs have to worry about that? 

Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant | AP

With the season finished for the Chicago Cubs, now it is time plan the next year as they look like the perfect suitor to land Bryce Harper during the offseason. But before going for the big fishes in the free agent market, it looks like they have to sort some things out first with their players.

According to ESPN's David Kaplan, the Cubs approached Kris Bryant earlier in the season with a contract extension worth more than $200 million, but the former MVP turned it down. Sources told to Kaplan that Bryant's agent, Scott Boras, told the player to wait and go to year-to-year arbitration instead.

Bryant current contract with the Cubs goes until the 2021 season, becoming a free agent in 2022 and he is expected to earn  $12.4 million in arbitration for next year.