Former Met and 3-times All-Star is arrested for death threats and busted with drugs

What a shame

Lenny Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra | AP

Lenny Dykstra has been involved during his whole life in all kinds of scandals since he appeared under the spotlight of being a professional MLB ballplayer during the 80's. Now, Dykstra has 55 years of age and was arrested after assaulting an Uber driver.

During his career, Dykstra was named three times to the All-Star Game over the 12 years he spent at the Mets organization, becoming one of the legendary players that won the 1986 World Series at the Shea Stadium.


Dykstra was accused by the Uber driver after the former player allegedly assaulted him, and threatened to kill him by putting a gun on his head, according to the New York Daily New's information.

This happened during this Wednesday early hours, and Dykstra was charged with death threats and with possession of marihuana, cocaine, and ecstasy.


According to the driver, the former player exploded after he didn't want to change the trip's direction, which caused Dykstra's outrage that led him to assault the driver.

However, Dykstra's version says that the driver was trying to kidnap him and was trying to kill him by driving at 100 mph.