The player that Aaron Judge wants as a Yankee

It would be huge!

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge | AP

Aaron Judge is now trying to bring yet another star player to the New York Yankees, as he is already starting to convince Manny Machado to come to the Bronx. Both players faced each other this Wednesday, as the Yanks played against the Baltimore Orioles.


According to Randy Miller of, both Judge and Machado had a chat before the game and spoke about the Dominican's future and what he plans to do the next offseason when he becomes a free agent. The Yankees' player told to the reporter:

Before the game, I asked him how his offseason was, how everything was going. I asked him how he liked (moving from third base to short). "I told him, 'You'd look pretty good in pinstripes, too.


According to the AL Rookie of the Year, Machado didn't have a response, as he told to the still Orioles' player that it would be really good to have a player of his caliber in the Yankees:

To add him to our lineup that we've already got ... it would be something special. "He's one heck of a player. He's been doing it quite a few years at the best level. He's one of the best, if not the best, defensive third basemen. Now he's probably going to be one of the best defensive shortstops. And what he brings in the offensive side of it, he's the complete package.


Aaron Judge had a spectacular rookie season, as he hit 52 home runs last season and 144 RBI's, recording a batting average of .284. He won the Rookie of the Year Award and came second in the AL MVP voting.

On the other hand, Manny Machado also had an amazing season, as he hit 33 homers and 95 RBI's.