What the Red Sox had to say after fight

Will it be revenge from the Yankees?

Joe Kelly se enfrentó con Tyler Austin

Joe Kelly se enfrentó con Tyler Austin | AP

The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox got involved in a huge brawl this Wednesday night during the second game of the series between both teams. In the end, Yankees took revenge for the first game's humiliation and won last night's game 10-7.


However, it was the huge fight that emerged at the top of the 7th inning that made all the headlines. It all began with a Tyler Austin's slide on second base that knocked out Brock Holt; a few innings after this incident, relief pitcher Joe Kelly beaned Austin and then all hell broke loose.


Will we see another fight this Thursday or? According to Matt Carig from The Athletic, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, told him that this whole situation was "probably over with".


However, Red Sox' catcher Christian Vázques it's not really sure about that, as he told to's Ian Browne, he thinks that Yankees players will plan to take revenge against Boston:

You know that's coming. You know that's coming. They feel like us. The clubhouse is our second home. It's wanting to protect our home. So it will be something soon. If not this series maybe in New York