Rob Manfred wants to revolutionize MLB with robot umpires and other radical ideas

Is this the future of baseball? 

Rob Manfred

Rob Manfred | AP

It is no secret that a lot most of baseball fans are not happy with MLB's commissioner decisions regarding the game's essence and are a little reticent to accept the changes that the league is trying to implement in order to improve the game's speed.

But now, Rob Manfred has taken a giant leap towards changing the baseball game forever with some drastic and polemic ideas that are not going to suit really well amongst the majority of fans and supporters.


The MLB's commissioner Rob Manfred spoke with Ken Rosenthal about these changes that he is pursuing to revolutionize the game forever, like an automatized umpire to call the strike zone:

I think we are much closer than we were a year ago to having the technological capability to actually call the strike zone. The accuracy is way up - way better than what it was a year ago. The technology continues to move ... and it actually moved a little faster than I might have though.


Also, there also other changes that Manfred is trying to implement in the near future and how the owners will address this situation:

There remains a fundamental question the owners are going to have to address. When you take away the home-plate umpire's control over the strike zone, you take away a principal piece of his authority in terms of managing the whole game. ... We haven't had a lot of conversations with (the umpires) on this topic, but I do think there is a serious management-of-the-game issue you'd have to think about with respect to that change.