Tim Lincecum did not want to betray his heart by going to the Dodgers

His still have feelings for the Giants

Tim Lincecum did not want to betray his heart by going to the Dodgers

Tim Lincecum did not want to betray his heart by going to the Dodgers

It has been a couple of strange days for Tim Lincecum; in one hand, his professional career will have a revival as the Texas Rangers gave him another opportunity as an MLB pitcher and signed him for one year and $1 million. On the other hand, Tim's brother Sean just passed away a few days ago.

With a heavy heart and still with fresh memories from his brother's service, Lincecum appeared at the Rangers' Spring Training camp for the first time yesterday and spoke with John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle about many things, one them is the interest of his long rivals, the LA Dodgers, who were one of the teams interested in signing.

Lincecum meditated the offer that the Dodgers made to him, but he felt that he was betraying his heart, that still is with the Giants, who were amongst the other teams that were interested in signing "the Freak", and Tim was keen to give San Francisco another taste of him:

Could I? (Sign for the Dodgers) I had to think about that for a minute. But, ultimately, I think it would be really tough to the point I would be betraying my heart... I was going to give the Giants the benefit of the doubt because it’s where I feel my heart is. It’s a second home for me, and they’ve been so good to me over the years

Ultimately, the former Cy Young felt that the Rangers offer was the best for him and for what he needed as a person and as a player, who felt that Texas' team were being kind and comprehensive with him:

The conversations we had (with the Rangers) kind of made me feel warm and fuzzy inside...Ultimately, it came down to what would fit best for me, and this opportunity was the best fit.

The two-time Cy Young winner will have another opportunity to prove himself in a Major League uniform this season, as he didn't play last season after an awful stint with the Los Angeles Angels in 2016, with a record of 2-6, with an ERA of 9.16 over 38 1/3 IP.