Alex Rodriguez admits why he used PEDs and how much it cost him

 The ex-Yankee was suspended for a whole season in 2014

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez | AP

Alex Rodriguez´s use of performance-enhancing drugs during his Major League Baseball career came at a very high cost not only financially but also personally.

But... Why did he do it?

In a recent interview on Undeniable with Joe Buck via that will air on October 18th, Rodriguez accepted that the reason why he took PEDs was due "to chronic pain in his hip and the desire to put up big numbers for the Yankees.

 "There's so many frustrating things when you look back at that, Number one, you have a guaranteed contract for hundreds of millions of dollars. Literally, you can sit on the couch and get fat. Right? How stupid can you be? ... This thing cost me over $40 million. And it cost me my reputation, and it may have cost me the Hall of Fame and a number of other things."

You read that right... $40 million dollars.

But there was one frase that AROD said that shows just how much he regrets the whole situation:

"I'm the only jackass that has pocket aces and figures out a way to lose the hand."

AROD, now an analyst with Fox Sports, said the hardest thing was telling his daughters Natasha and Ella and he barely got started before he broke down:

"I almost didn't get out of home plate."

Rodriguez finished his career with 696 home runs, only three players hit more dingers Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755) and Babe Ruth (714). Missing 162 games in 2014 probably cost hima few spots on that list.