Andrew Cashner has a beard clause in his contract with Boston

The giant pitcher, as is his custom, will follow his tradition of not shaving his face with the Red Sox in the big leagues

Andrew Cashner

Andrew Cashner | AP

Andrew Cashner, who made his second start for the Red Sox on Sunday against his old team in Baltimore, had a couple of difficult openings for Boston, but he fits perfectly into this body of pitchers, with his wise appearance, at least.

The sturdy right-hander, 1.98 meters tall, wears one of the most impressive beards in baseball and now, in a staff where almost all pitchers have beards, Cashner stands out.

Christopher Smith, of, notes that Cashner has a "beard clause" on his contract after he unfortunately had to lose chin blocks when he was traded from the Padres to the Marlins in 2016 and Miami did not have a policy of "facial hair".

The Red Sox, as you can tell from their hirsute staff, have that policy, but Cashner wanted to protect what has been growing for almost three years when he became a free agent after leaving Miami. He put the clause in his contract before signing with Baltimore.
Cashner told Smith the following:

"I had a beard on my contract, that was the only way to sign with Baltimore, they used to have a policy of not using facial hair, and when I went there, they had a policy of not using facial hair."

Andrew goes 0-2 with Boston and a very high ERA of 7.36 in two starts, falling to Toronto and Baltimore.