Clayton Kershaw already scheduled his first start with the Los Angeles Dodgers

The left-hander of the Dodgers will be activated from the disabled list on Sunday

The Dodgers left-hander will be acAlthough the second rehabilitation opening of Clayton Kershaw in the Double-A branch of the Los Angeles Dodgers was fairly regular with six innings of work, it seems to have been enough for Dave Roberts that he found the left-hander find ready to debut this 2019.

Speaking to the media and Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times, he said that Dave Roberts said Kershaw is scheduled to launch next Sunday or Monday at Dodgers Stadium. On the disabled list on Sunday

In fact, the pilot of the California team mentioned that he has not yet thought about who will open on Saturday, although he said that it depended a lot on the use of the bullpen and someone's call.

Kershaw has distinguished himself as one of the best pitchers of all time in the Dodgers' organization, has a three Cy Youngs and a National League MVP as his best cards.

Although you have probably noticed that the effectiveness of the 31-year-old left-hander has been altered in recent years, the truth is that the injuries he has suffered have played a decisive role in this detail.

Kershaw has a lifetime record of 2.39 in a total of 153 wins against 69 losses in a total of 316 starts and two reliever appearances.