Oscar Luis Colas is another two-way talent that could soon be in the "Big Leagues"

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Luis Colas

Luis Colas | Captura YouTube

Shohei Ohtani and his imminent arrival to Major League Baseball brought back the debate about two-way baseball players.

And now a young Cuban talent seems to have the skills to seek success in baseball as a pitcher and hitter also.

According to Norlando Rosendo of Juventud Rebelde, via Swing Completo, Cuban baseball player Oscar Luis Colas has started to stand out and is considered one of the best prospects in Cuban baseball.

In the National Series in 2016, Colas he showed his power with 4 homers and .278 average in 79 turns at bat.

Rosendo explains that the player will show his two-way talent in the Pan-American U-23 tournament to be played in Panama.

Colas is developing in the academy of the Japanese team the Softbanks Hawks where he has already taken his pitches up to 94 miles per hour and managed to expand his repertoire.

"They're showing me the cutter, which is very effective in a pitcher, Right now I can command the fastball, change, sinker and cutter and from time to time I throw the forkball."


Colas, 19, explained that he is interested in being a long relief pitcher and that he has also been working on his power hitting in Japan..

We will see if Colas manages to position himself as a player that can handle both pitching and hitting like Ohtani or if he ends up choosing to stick to one thing like Hunter Greene of the Reds not so long ago.