Cubs fan asks for Kris Bryant's' hand in marriage

It was the most precious thing you will ever see

Fan asks Kris Bryant to marry him.

Fan asks Kris Bryant to marry him. | Twitter: @KrisBryant_23

Recently, a young Cubs fan fulfilled her (and many others') dream of proposing to Kris Bryant during a visit with Advocate Health Care.

Not only did she have the courage to pop the question, but she asked for his hand in front of Bryant's wife Jessica. The two married during the offseason, so naturally the 2016 NL MVP had to tell the young fan to check with her first.

"You have to ask her," Bryant laughs, pointing to Jessica who had an infectious smile on her face. By the looks of it, she didn't seem to mind the display.

The patient used her manners and asked "please," so Bryant ultimately gave in as the crowd cheered.

It was an awesome display of one of Bryant's fans and we appreciate the valor she had to ask the nerve-wracking question. | Cut4 | Jessica Kleinschmidt