David Ortiz was attacked by police officers hired to kill him?

The investigation of the attack is still ongoing 

At the time when the news emerged that former baseball player David Ortíz was shot in a bar in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, at first the version of the attack was called an assault. However, after the security video of the establishment was leaked, it became clear that it was not an assault, but a premeditated attack on his person.

Now, new information has emerged on the motive of the attack on the Big Papi, because according to information revealed by the British newspaper The Daily Mail, a drug trafficker from the Dominican Republic would have hired two policemen to act as assassins and kill David Ortiz for allegedly having an affair with the wife of said mobster. The police are still investigating the causes of the attack and there is nothing official yet.

Ortiz media representative and personal assistant, Leo Lopez reportedly told the Dominican daily El Diario Libre that for him there is no doubt that the act was perpetrated by hit men:

There is no doubt that this was done by hit men. If we had known that we were in a dangerous situation, we would not have been in that place at that time.

The Big Papi was already operated and according to the doctors his life is out of danger, so he can continue with his recovery in Boston, after the Red Sox arranged the use of an airplane to move him from the United States